rotary wittenberg

Rotary-City Tour


Dear rotarian friends,

already today many visitors can be seen exploring the historical downtown of Wittenberg and it will be difficult to book a professional city tour later this year, when you might plan to join one of the many events during this anniversary year. Our target for this special year is that every rotarian visitor shall keep our city in good memory and maybe even gains a better understanding of historical developments. In order to achieve this we offer a walk through historical downtown which will start at the city model opposite hotel Goldener Adler at the market place and will end at the house of Martin Luther at the east entrance of the city.

Visits of churches or other buildings are not included and everyone may decide after the walk where to dive deeper into reformation history. Highly recommendable is a visit of the city church St. Mary, where Martin Luther prayed and where an exceptional piece of art can be admired – the Cranach altar.

It is inevitable to arrange a date well ahead of your visit to enable us to have members of our rotary club available at the desired day and time.